System Overview Design (Draft version 0.1)


In this system, we will have a main server and other servers. The main server will store the location of all the other servers and all the UNICHAT numbers.

We will use C to implement server part. PHP, HTML and JavaScript to implement client part. MySQL act as database engine.

Register A New Server

If a new server want to be a part of UNICHAT services, then it peform a registration with main server. As a result, the main server will know the IP of the new server. After regestration, the main server will send back the server number to the new server in order to identify the new server.

Register A New User

If a new user want to use UNICHAT services, firstly, he logon any server which have vailded by main server. After complete registration, a new number will be assigned to the user. Then the user information will be stored in the server and the UNICHAT number will be send back to the main server.
(UNICHAT Number Format: XXXXYYYYYY, XXXX = Server Number, YYYYYY = User Number)

User Login

When user login the server where he registered as a new user, then the user information will be retreived from this server and then his password will be validated. On ther other hand, when user login different server from the location where he registered as a new user, the server will ask user information from other server according to server number. (Under Construction)

Communication Between Users On Different Servers

(Under Construction)

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